What’s this? Above zero temperatures again? If warm-ups trigger the bite, these fish are going to eat like crazy over the next week. A couple days of forecasted highs over 35 degrees are on the horizon. These temperatures above 32° will be brief and below freezing temperatures in the overnights are sure to maintain the good conditions. We know walleye move up de Bay when the flow increases in the Rivers. As much as I like cold snaps to thicken the ice, it can hamper the bite. The low temps are fine but it’s that wind along with the cold that make for tough times on the Bay. Every year without fail I witness someone chasing after gear blowing away from them. Usually a hole cover or an occasional snowmobile hood. Now that’s quite a sight. As the weather allowed anglers to concentrate on fishing instead of chasing stuff across the ice, this afternoon some big fish have been put on the ice. I’ve had reports of a 10 and 2 bite primarily on tip ups. Perch lips are loosening. Check out Marv’s 15 plus inch, just a hair shy of 2 lb perch. And, the winner of the Ore House Fishing tournament in the perch class. Cruising around the bay, we found another disaster area where people left all their garbage behind. There’s a lotta winter camping going on out there, please be sure and pick up after yourselves. On a positive note to end tonight‘s report, a Fella with his young son stopped in the bait shop this morning and simply asked if he could pay for the next $100 of bait for unsuspecting Anglers. Two angler surprise when they didn’t have to pay for their minnows, paid it forward. This lasted for a while this morning. Very fun! Thanks for your generosity. It’s contagious! 

Increasing your odds,