After the weekends, wind and rain into today, we’re ready for a cool down. Tonight around 1 AM we’re dipping down below 32° for the first time in a while.  If we only get 3 inches of the snow they’re forecasting of 3-5 Thursday and lower temperatures look ideal to firm up the playground by the weekend. We’re holding up with 68 inches of ice out there. Of course the landings are sketchy where it’s shallow. Cold front Kenny and I went to assess that big heave, which is now an open crack. We’re figuring the south winds pushed the ice  over the top from the south, and then when the wind died down the ice shifted back to the south and opened up a crack. Whether it’s that open crack, or anywhere else on the bay, you could encounter anywhere from an inch to 12 inches of water on top of the ice through at least Thursday. Cold front and I took the Wilcraft all the way along the line and I took a picture of my GPS. You’ll have an idea where that crack is. Another one took it into the drink over on Butler’s reef tonight. Wrong place for anytime. FYI 
Increasing your odds,