The mild temperatures are taking a toll on the  ice conditions. There’s a lot of water on top after today’s rain and well above freezing temperatures. Anglers are just gonna have to be very cautious around the landings and in any shallow areas until we freeze up again. The ice has been on the move. I’ve had reports from anglers that felt a rumbling, like an earthquake, sometime after 2 o’clock Saturday. This is possibly when the heave started that starts just north of the first yellow gate and below the Days River and spans all the way across to the southeast below the Vagabond. Now, todays warm temps and rain opened it up in places to more than 10 feet wide and 50 feet long where there’s absolutely no ice. We’ll definitely be monitoring this crack over the next couple days. Most of it is impassable at this time without ramping the gap. If you want to fish the top of the Bay, go out the Days River landing. If you want to fish the bottom, your best bet is to use the Kipling landing or take your chances off the yellow gate. Which isn’t always the best advice. Just ask the guys that put their ATV in the drink tonight off said yellow gate landing. I’m not sure if these were the Anglers asking Lacy for advice then scoffed at her recommendations not to use that landing in these conditions…some will never understand she is in the know.

Increasing your odds,