The bite has calmed for most anglers and is no different for some others. Figure out those secrets that coax walleyes to strike and you’ll be eating good on slow days too. A lot of dropped flags and eyes passing right by anything anglers presented seems to be a common complaint. Trucks overflowing the Kipling landing parking lot to the extent of parking up and down the road for a 1/4 mile today, as we saw the most anglers that we’ve seen out on a weekend this Hard water season. Trucks and trailers parked on the road at the first yellow too. And of course, the Days River Landing was full with plenty of vehicals lining the road up there. An angler made me aware of a heave that occurred today so I went to take a look for myself. Sure enough, from the south going north, ice is shoved on top of ice. If you’re traveling south on the Bay from Days River, you’re gonna hit this 3-9” heave. Enough to cause damage to equipment and there’s a potential for personal injury if your launched over your machine. The heave starts near the 1st yellow gate and runs all the way across the Bay heading southeast to just below the Vagabond. If you’re not familiar with these coordinates, stop by the shop and we’ll point it out on the map. 

Increasing your odds,