There is so much to report and so little time in the day. We’ve launched our wagons on to the Bay and had our first guests come and go. 
What a great weekend it was. Full moon and excellent conditions to be out overnight. Minimal wind, mild temperatures but still making ice. Ice conditions from the Kipling Landing up to the top of the bay continue to improve. Anglers always need to be cautious of shallow areas and areas of rushing current no matter how thick ice gets. Stop by the shop, take a look at the map and we can put you in the right direction depending on what species you’d like to target and where you want to fish the Bay. I’ll have a detailed report on actual inches of ice tomorrow night and focus on the east side where ice was jeopardized the most from last weeks warm up. I can confirm I’ve been tugging our wagons and our new Power Schidder’s in tow around the Bay with at least 6” of ice under us. 

Increasing your odds,