Today I hit the ice with the intentions of finding the best way to get our 21 foot drop down wagons out there. Once we have 5 or 6 inches of ice we are good to go, but the landings are still a little thin. OK, I actually saw a little open water at the Days River landing but that’s gonna be frozen by the morning. The forecast is down in the low 20s tonight so that will firm up everything that’s been a mess for the last week. Tonight’s run around the Bay was mostly on top. The back end of the craft would go through the thin crust of ice now and then and the slush was minimal, much less than previous ice checks over the last week. On a really positive note, about that ice thickness. The 2 to 4 inches of slush and water on top is going to freeze above the 4 to 7 inches of ice we currently have. So, by tomorrow night, measurements will be 7 to 10 inches. And that means game on! 
Tonight’s picture is a reverse look compared the typical shot. A view of the Days River landing shoreline.

Increasing your odds,