Thursday morning it was 38° at 4:30am with 16mph sustained winds. Gusts got up to 35mph though out the day, creating melting and shifting ice around they Bay. Most shorelines have melted or broken up. Now for the good news. The ice edge varies from 20-100 yards out from shore and looks good all the way across. Cold Front Kenny rolled into town this week to help us out again for this Hardwater Season. Some think it’s a coincidence cold temps are in the forecast following Kenny’s arrival. I think not! I’ve experienced this consistent pattern for 25 years. With the upcoming forecast of below freezing temps it will be game on very soon. We’ll be walking out over the weekend and machines are certainly going to be roaming the Bay before Christmas. What a gift. Be sure to thank Cold Front when you see him around the shop. The picture today is at the Days River Landing. 

Increasing your odds,