Alright, alright, here we go! The demand for conditions on Little Bay de Noc has our phone, email and social media lit up! Rightfully so. We are excited and ready for this hard water season too. The Bay above the narrows by Gladstone has skimmed over nice. There is 1-3”, but mostly 1”. It is very sketchy ice and certain to not get better with the warm conditions and potential for precipitation through Friday. If snow falls are minimal we’ll have safe walking ice next week. That’s my prediction, but not the meteorologists. They’re against me and are calling for 6-12” of snow. Safe Ice may not be ready. We have ever flip-over and Hub from Otter, Clam & Eskimo in stock ready to go! I’ll be checking every day from here on out.  So, stay tuned! 

Increasing your odds,