Truck travel on the Bay continues to delay anglers going about their business. Not only are some drifts deeper than your axles they’re hard as a rock now. Once your tires spin down into the snow drift your locked in. Plastic shovels designed for ice fishing duties won’t cut it. You better bring real ones. I like a good ol’ aluminum corn shovel.…it’ll help you to quickly slice out blocks of the drift to access the packed snow under your ride. Nothing to be concerned with long term though since weather forecasters are predicting near 40° temps for a high Wednesday. That should take some of our snow down. I took some time to measure ice tonight, something I haven’t done in about a week. 20” is the average throughout the Bay north of the narrows by Gladstone. After the 5-7”s of snow we’ve gotten this week, strong winds have made white camouflage out of the Bay making identifying deep snow practically impossible.  Check out Mr. BA on top of this drift located South a bit of the the Days River Landing. The only way to tell it’s 3’ deep is the slight shadow to the left, created by that unsuccessful attempt to plow a road about a month and a half ago, which keeps getting deeper every time an unsuspecting angler gets stuck in it.…Which is daily. 

Increasing your odds,