Well here we are…the last day of 2021. I can’t think of a better place to celebrate New Year’s Eve than on Little Bay de Noc fishing for walleyes! Actually, there was one place we would have rather been tonight. Our good friends Kevin and Nikki are getting married. Unfortunately, our goal to keep Anglers well stocked with all the live bait and gear they need, conflicted with their nuptials. All our best to the newlyweds. Your honeymoon suite, one of our drop-down overnight wagons, is ready to go! 
We continue to have a few flurries, so the snow is piling up on the Noc. That of course has led to a couple slushy spots here and there. No big deal. I’m sure some winds will blow some snow and eventually take care of that. We really need some colder temperatures down around zero to keep increasing our ice thickness. We are at a standstill in the ice making department lately, but the 6-8 inches around the bay has anglers moving around freely on snowmobiles, Quads and UTV’s. Stay tuned for reports next year! I pulled out an archive photo  today. This is quite a while ago before I had any fur on my face. Good times for sure! 

Increasing your odds,