I pulled on my cleats, grabbed the spud bar and found a brave soldier to follow. Toby stayed behind a bit as I spudded my way out from the Days River Landing. Very sketchy. 2 1/2” of ice at most that dwindled down to less than an inch before getting out to were the days river mouth flows. It looked like good ice out there, but I wasn’t gonna find out. Ice is visible to all the way across today. I’m pretty sure that’s not going to last with the seven day forecast reaching up into the low 40s. Teens and 20s at night might help keep some ice….if the wind doesn’t blow it around. But it will. It usually does. In the meantime, many anglers are enjoying inland lakes. Reports are coming in of good walkable ice on smaller bodies of water. Be safe and fish early ice with a friend.

Increasing your odds,