It’s a warm windy day on the Noc. We started out with sunshine and ended up overcast. Not much of a fishing report to give. So let’s talk ice conditions. There is 13-20”s of ice on the upper snow covered bay. But not the fluffy stuff we’ve had for the last week or so. Daytime temperatures will melt the snow down and then firm it up at night. That’s not good news for Red and Cedar. Hard water adventures are off-limits for them as soon as we get a crust. Their paws don’t like it. This melting and freezing will continue over the next week. The chances of snow might change things a bit. If we do get accumulation and warm weather as predicted, we’re probably going to get into slush again. So far so good. Red and Cedar are ready to go in a new Otter! How bout you?
Increasing your odds,