You’d think living this hard water habit of ours from 5am-10pm 7 days a week there would be plenty of time to get everything done. That never happens. Lack of information and energy may curtail daily reports now and then. This weeks cold weather reduced the number of anglers on the bay. Plenty of marks with the electronics and a steady bite around sunrise and sunset. Perch action has been good with nice sized fish being caught. Typically low fishing pressure by anglers usually favors the the action and that has been the case. I don’t believe I’ve talk to an angler that’s been skunked this week. Those comfortably outfitted on the ice no matter what conditions means more fish caught. It comes down to time on the water. Looks like a pressure change and a chance of snow is forecast by Saturday. The 5 to 10° warm-up will be welcome now that we have pretty good ice. Such an overcast gloomy day on Little Bay de Noc made it tough to find a good picture today. So I dug into the archives from our month and a half stench last season and found this one of Red and Cedar much approving of Lacy‘s catch.

Increasing your odds,