Picture today is an archive from a few weeks ago. Thanks Tyler! It’s a dangerously cold -15° to start out the morning. Well over a foot of ice on the upper bay. We may need auger extensions this year after all . The slush is gone for the most part allowing for easy travel through drifted snow. Making the best of it. Last week I encountered numerous kids and an adult or two ice-skating around their shanties. One hard water nut was seen on ice skates with his gear in tow. No wrong way to do it. Looks like we can hang up the cleats for a while now. The perch bite continues to be strong. Anglers in search of walleye aren’t picking up the numbers of small fish they had a few weeks ago. Bigger fish are being reported now. Single digits and below zero temps at night are here to stay for awhile. It’s the new safety concern to think about rather than ice conditions. Dress warm and overpack. You can never have enough gear when fighting the elements. Trucks get stuck. Heaters quit working or become malfunctioning fire balls. Try an inline propane filter to reduce the risk of that happening. The stuck truck situation…Fun to watch I guess. Every season without fail somebody ventures out there to find themselves immobile with a 2 wheel drive car. Missed the snow forecast I guess. I always get a kick out of that.

Increasing your odds,