A couple inches of white powder accumulated on the bay this morning. Certainly a welcome blanket of snow compared to the skating rink we’ve had the last few days. Fish on! Tip up! That’s what I’m hearing up and down the bay. Saturday and Sunday morning was a good bite that slowed Sunday afternoon. Ice conditions remain great for light motor traffic from Hunters point to the Kipling public landing and north on the bay. I had a report of a large crack that formed over by hunters point yesterday. A one foot wide crack opened with an earthquake like sound that shuttered the ice. It shook up a few anglers a little bit but they were all fine and on solid ice of about 10 inches. This weeks weather pattern looks to be stable and should provide for an excellent fishing forecast. Photo today is courtesy of Lacy. Red in an Eskimo at Blade’s Bait & Tackle. Wishin he was fishin. Next time buddy.
Increasing your odds,