My good friend, Cold-Front Kenny, finally rolled into town. Chilly weather follows this Ely MN native everywhere he roams. The Little Bay de Noc 4 day forecast looks like below freezing temps through Wednesday. Thanks Ken! That’s going to firm up the standing water that occurred over the last 2 1/2 days. Cracks are forming, toilet bowl swirls of water going down your ice hole. Anglers were trying to stay dry and get on fish. I saw a lot of soggy gear on people yesterday . Despite the wet conditions there’s been some pretty good success on tip ups for walleye and pike. Tonight will be the first night below freezing in a while, so I’ll be out with the spud bar and auger checking ice around the bay on Sunday. With this forecast, by Monday or Tuesday, we should be making progress. Rare archive photo of Cold Front Kenny in above average temperature and sunshine!

Increasing your odds,